11/6/2017 Felipe Massa is going to retire. For real
The brasilian driver Felipe Massa - former Ferrari, now Williams - made the announcement on his official Instagram page last Saturday. In his carrier he raced more than 260 GP.
Massa said: "As everyone knows, after announcing my retirement from Formula One last year, I agreed to return this season to help Williams when the call came. "I have now enjoyed four great years with the team, but my career in Formula One will finally come to an end this season". 

11/6/2017 If Ferrari doesn't like the new F1 ... "Ready to quit"
Ferrari team is ready to quit Formula One at the end of 2020 if it will be impossible to reach an agreement with the plans of the sports' new owners, Liberty Media. The warning arrived directly from the Ceo of the italian carmaker company Sergio Marchionne.
President Sergio Marchionne said F1 had been "part of our DNA since the day we were born" on a conference call discussing Ferrari's financial results on Thursday. "But if we change the sandbox to the point where it becomes an unrecognizable sandbox, I don't want to play any more," he said. "I don't want to play NASCAR globally, I just don't. "The point is all about the new kind of engine, too simple for what Ferrari expected. This week there will be a new meeting between Liberty Media and the teams, also with Ferrari.

10/29/2017 F1, Hamilton four times world champion after a crash with Vettel at Start
Hamilton (Mercedes) won in Mexico his fourth F1 world championship, even though he finished the race on ninth position. The podium was all about Verstappen (Red Bull) at the first place; Bottas (Mercedes) second, and Raikkonen (Ferrari) third. But at the end the celebrations have been just about the British driver.  After a weird start and a collision with Hamilton, Vettel (Ferrari) arrived in fourth position, stopping any possible dream about the world title.  With this title, Hamilton is now in the inner circle of the most winner F1 champions ever with Schumacher (7 championship titles), Fangio (5), Prost (4) and Vettel (4) .

10/29/2017 Ferrari: two more races, looking  towards 2018
“He deserved the title, congratulations to Hamilton. I have never gave up. But he deserved this victory”. Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) welcomed Hamilton (Mercedes) in the club of the top five winners of all the times with this statement. Now it is time to look forward. After the final races in Brasil and in Abu Dhabi, Ferrari team will prepare the next season. The team manager Arrivabene has already assured that there will be no big changes and just some adjustments about the team and the cars.

10/29/2017 Ferrari, Finali Mondiali back at Mugello circuit with a record
The Finali Mondiali are back at Mugello, from October 26 to October 29. As always the customer response has been fantastic, with a record number of 488 Challenges expected at the Tuscan circuit. They will also be joined by a number of drivers of the 458 Challenge EVO, the car that at this event ends its competitive career in the Ferrari single-make championship. A total of 101 drivers will be present, more than at last year’s Finali Mondiali at Daytona. It will be the moment to decide the winner of Trofeo Pirelli, Trofeo Pirelli AM, Trofeo Pirelli 458, Ladies and Coppa Shell.

10/22/2017 US F1 GP, Hamilton won, Ferrari 2nd and 3rd
Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) survived an early scare in Austin during the US F1 GP to take another win for the 2017 season on his path to claim a fourth world championship. The Brit successfully regained first place after Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) had overtaken him at the start. Vettel fought hard during the other part of the race to take second and claimed a new all-time lap record. Vertsappen (RedBull) overtook Raikkonen (Ferrari) in the final lap, stealing the stage, but then he got 5 seconds penalty and remained 4th.

10/15/2017 New York City and Wall Street  celebrates the Prancing Horse
New York City was the center of the celebrations last week for the Ferrari’s 70th anniversary. Chairman and CEO Sergio Marchionne rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange last Monday. Ferrari’s celebrations spreads throughout the city over the weekend, as well in front of the famous Stock Exchange façade, honoring over all classics to modern icons like the LaFerrari Aperta.

Aston Martin ready to debut in F1 circuit, also with former Ferrari staff
Aston Martin seems ready for the Formula 1 circuit. The British carmaker brand will become Red Bull Racing’s title sponsor in 2018 as part of an enhanced relationship. Red Bull boss Christian Horner has said he has recruited new staffers coming from Ferrari to pursuits every possible new goals. 

10/8/2017 GP of Japan, Hamilton won. Is the championship over?
F1 championship leader Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) won the Japanese Grand Prix, taking an impressive step towards his third world title. The Mercedes star finished 1.2 seconds ahead of Malaysia Grand Prix winner Max Verstappen to claim his eighth victory of the year. Vettel’s race in Japan, with his Ferrari, lasted just few laps. And now, in the general standing, the gap between Hamilton and Vettel is 59 points. A spark plug problem forced the team Ferrari to retire the Vettel’s car just after few laps.

10/8/2017 F1 Shumacher’s car on auction in New York
The victorious Michael Schumacher Ferrari F1 car at the Monaco Grand Prix 2001 will be on sale next November. The car will be part  of RM Sotheby's New York Contemporary Art Evening next month, that will be held on November, the 16th. The car has been  displayed last week end at Rockefeller center as a part of Ferrari's 70th anniversary celebration.

10/1/2017 250 GTO Ferrari, historic and record rally in Italy
Fifty-five years later its debut, the 250 GTO Ferrari - one of the most venerable racing car of the Ferrari family - celebrates the 70th anniversary of the Prancing Horse with a very special rally. In the last week 20 specimens of the 36 built since 1962 drove through Tuscany, passed by the Mugello circuit and then arrived in Maranello, near Milan after visiting also the Fiorano track.

10/1/2017 Malaysian Grand Prix, Red Bull won with Verstappen in F1
The Red Bull’s driver Max Verstappen won the Malaysian Grand Prix, leading the race from the start and showing a pace that Hamilton (Mercedes) was unable to match. The British driver finished second ahead of his championship rival Sebastian Vettel who put in a remarkable comeback to claim fourth place having started at the back of the grid. The second Red Bull of Daniel Ricciardo was third, with the Hamilton’s team-mate Valtteri Bottas fifth. Hamilton leads the general standings with 281 points. Vettel instead has 247 points.

9/24/2017 18,000 people in Maranello to celebrate the 70th Ferrari anniversary
Ferrari celebrated on Saturday his 70th Anniversary with a record for the now-traditional Family Day for the company’s employees and their families. More than 18,000 people thronged the Maranello factory complex and the Scaglietti premises in Modena for the event. Some of the company’s most exclusive areas were opened to the visitors especially for the occasion, not least the new car test-benches.

9/24/2017 Aston Martin will join Red Bull in F1
In the next season, the F1 grid will see the name Aston Martin in the Red Bull Racing F1 cars. The announcement says that from the next season the car team name will be Aston Martin Red Bull Racing.

9/24/2017 Frankfurt auto show. The car of the future is here 
The massive Frankfurt Auto displayed the best of the best of the nowadays auto industry. Mercedes-Benz put a Formula 1 engine in a sports car and announced a self-driving EV (two birds, one stone). BMW unleashed a half-dozen new models. Audi announced a self-driver with “AI” in its name. Porsche chipped in a new Cheyenne. There were also a lot of electric vehicles as the new Mini concept.

9/17/2017 A crash at start ruins the day of Vettel and Raikkonen
Hamilton (Mercedes) won the Singapore Grand Prix as Formula 1 title rival Vettel (Ferrari) crashed out right at the start, after an incident with Verstappen (Red Bull) and Raikkonen (Ferrari). Daniel Ricciardo (Red Bull) and Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes) completed the podium.
Hamilton extended his championship lead to 28 points over Vettel, with Bottas 23 points further back in third. 

9/17/2017 FIA, the crash was accidentally 
FIA will not take action following the Singapore Grand Prix opening-lap collision between Sebastian Vettel, Kimi Raikkonen and Max Verstappen.
The two Ferraris and the Red Bull driver were going three-wide for the lead of the race on the approach to Turn 1 when Verstappen was squeezed in the middle, eventually making contact with Raikkonen on his left. The FIA has decided everything happen by accident. None among the drives will be investigated for driving misconduct.

9/10/2017 Ferrari, multi-million auction for charity
A Ferrari “LaFerrari Aperta” has been sold for $10 million at the RM Sotheby’s auction at Ferrari's Fiorano track in northern Italy, during the Ferrari's 70th anniversary celebrations. Twelve collectors were in the bidding, none of whom were named. The proceeds from the sale of the car will be donated to Save the Children, an international organization that works to improve the lives of disadvantaged children in more than 120 countries worldwide, Ferrari said.

9/10/2017 F1, teams switch partnerships and drivers
It is going to be real. Renault will power McLaren in 2018 and Toro Rosso will be partnered by Honda. The announcement could be made public before this week, before the Singapore GP. As reported by Sky Sports, McLaren are poised to officially split from Honda, with Fernando Alonso ‘very likely’ to stay for at least another season, while Carlos Sainz has emerged as a pivotal bargaining chip in the complex negotiations.

9/3/2017 The new dream car is... Portofino
Your new dream car is finally here. Ferrari has just revealed the Ferrari Portofino, the all new “small” of the Ferrari family, a 598 horsepower hard-top convertible GT. It’s got almost 40 hp more from its 3.8-liter turbo V8 than the old entry-level Ferrari, the California T, and it weighs less, too. The official debut will be at Frankfurt car exhibit next month; pricing hasn’t been announced, but this is Ferrari’s entry-level model...

9/3/2017 F1, Hamilton stellar at the Ferrari homecountry circuit
The Italian huge crowd of supporters was all for Vettel, after the Monza race. Flags, signs, chants. And red triumphs everywhere. But on the podium of the "Ferrari homecountry circuit" in Italy the celebrations were only for Hamilton. Winnng at Monza circuit, the Mercedes driver has taken the lead in 2017’s championship race against Vettel, who finished third. Mercedes in Italy had perfect race with Valtteri Bottas finishing second.

9/3/2017 Vettel: "something went wrong in the first laps"
The Ferrari driver Vettel now is three points behind Hamilton (Mercedes). "I tried to do by best. But something went wrong in the first 15-20 laps. The car was too slow compared to the Mercedes ones. And at certain point also Ricciardo (Red Bull) engaged a challenged race with me.  At the end I was able to conquere the podium and good precious points.".


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